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Recorder began in 2004 as a solo project started by Robbo, under the alias "Birthday Boy." In Winter 2006 Recorder was introduced and albums were created. Recorder signed with Switzerland based Minuta Records in Fall of 2006. Fall of 2007 brought with it cold, magic, and the rest of the robots... Recorder now consists of Robbo, LynnK, and Xylo Sesame; this hybrid makes for an unbelievable live performance, more touching melodies, and intensified brain wave manipulation.


"Creating "robot dance music and sad robot lullabies, made by robots...for robots," Tulsa New Wave band Recorder has captured this niche, providing a little taste of the future with their innovative tunes and theatrical live shows."
Meika Yates Hines - Oklahoma Magazine

"Tune In, Tulsa"
UT - Urban Tulsa

"Recorder's music has got the look - Demand grows for groups to add visual appeal"
Karen Shade - Tulsa World

"Dance music propels Recorder to win in national contest."
Jennifer Chancellor - Tulsa World

"You have a very well thought out act going here. The cheeky robot costumes vocoders theramins. Musically it sounded great and you handled two difficult instruments very well. Your characters and presentation reminds me a little of The Flaming Lips & Daft Punk, which is a huge compliment."
Chris Vrenna - NIN, Marilyn Manson, Tweaker

"Sad robot lullabies, and robot dance music...That sums up Recorder perfectly! They may be from Tulsa, OK, but they have NYC buzzing"
Music Nation - Artist Spotlight

"Between the elaborate robot costumes, the performers' emphasis on stage presence and body language, the emotive melodies hidden under all the beeps and warbles and beats, the female robot's vocoded but somehow still affecting vocals... I could listen to it all night..."
Josh Kline - Urban Tulsa


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